We sell fiberoptic laryngoscopes used in a laryngoscopy.  

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  • ADC

    ADC Fiberoptic Laryngoscope Battery Handle

    Lightsource in handle simplifies blade cleaning, allows for use of brighter, whiter light. Satin chrome plated brass handle with a knurled finish for a positive grip. Fully compatible with all standard hook-on blades that conform to ASTM (F965) and ISO...
  • ADC

    ADC Fiberoptic Laryngoscope Blades

    Fiberoptic light transmission provides cool obstruction free viewing. 2.5V halogen illumination for true tissue color and consistent long lasting lamp performance. Stainless steel. Satin, non-glare finish. Lightweight design. Fully compatible with all...
  • ADC

    ADC Fiberoptic Macintosh Laryngoscope Set

    Choose from either a 4 blade Macintosh or 5 blade Miller set with both AA and C battery handles (standard sets only). Foam lined fitted hard case with carry handle (standard sets only). Disposable sets come in nylon carry case. Batteries included.
  • ADC

    ADC Laryngoscope Replacement Lamp

    $5.44 - $20.51
    Manufactured to provide extra long life and reliable illumination. Unconditionally guaranteed to be free from defects and give trouble free service. Rated for 20 hours continuous use. Packaged individually in ziplock poly bags.