Needles & Syringes

Needles & Syringes


Shop our large selection of needles, syringes, combinations and accessories with purchasing options from individual items to box and case bulk quantities.  As authorized wholesale distributors of industry leaders such as BD and Terumo, we at Port City Medical only provide quality medical supplies meeting US regulatory standards.

All items are discreetly shipped with tracking.
*Products marked with an "Rx" may only be purchased with a medical prescription that will need to be verified before purchasing.

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We accept medical insurance payments

If you need assistance with medical insurance payments or reimbursement, please feel free to contact us. We work on a daily basis with our customer's insurance company and will find the best solution for each individual's personal needs.

Additionally, we offer reoccurring order fulfillment services.
Contact us to speak with one of our representatives to discuss your needs.


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