Specialty Needles

Specialty Needles

Specialty needles are designed to minimize the risk of tissue trauma or assist to reduce complications of acute and chronic pain.

Port City Medical only provides quality needles and syringes from manufacturers meeting all US regulatory standards.

Purchase options include individual items, by the box and by the case. Custom quantities are also available upon request.

*Products marked with an "Rx" may only be purchased with a medical prescription that will require verification before purchasing.
All items are shipped discreetly packaged and with tracking.

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BD Angiography needles :

Designed with a short bevel tip, these needles ensure a clean and efficient procedure. The tapered sqaure-cut distal end assists the passage of guide wires. Paired with the winged structure of the handle and the lightweight BD Luer-Lok™ hub, the overall design of this product facilitates a safe, easy, and smooth procedure with minimum blood leakage or trauma.

BD Carefusion Bone Marrow Trays:

Contains the equipment needed to perform a histologic specimen aspiration during a bone marrow biopsy - including a disposable biopsy needle Prepackaged for convenience For single-use only.

BD Filter needles:

Featuring a molded-in 5 Micron filter membrane that reduces larger particulates when aspirating, reconstituting and transferring fluids or when withdrawing medication from glass reservoirs.

BD Nokor Admix needles:

Thin Wall Non-Coring pharmacy needles are latex-free designed with a scalpel-like point which eliminates clogged cannula, issues that are linked with vial stopper coring and retains venting capability. Because of this, the needles need lesser force to penetrate the stopper.

BD Nokor Vented needles :

Thin Wall Non-Coring pharmacy needles are designed to get rid of clogged cannula and retains venting capability. It reduces internal container pressure and helps accelerate medication reconstruction. Featuring a side port which stores fluid on the side wall of a container, the needles help reduce foaming or spray of powdered medication.

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